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How to turn off Autorun Virus

Have you ever heard of info on the affected computer autorun virus? Although the virus is classified as a local virus that is not so dangerous, but for a novice computer user can be made dizzy and confused with the act of this virus. The virus usually causes a variety of symptoms and effects that are less awkward in the eyes .... hehe symptoms or effects are:
1.Selalu appear file called sortcurt

Basic Command Os Windows

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ok following details!
DIR command

Various of Computer Network

Communication between computers in addition to bias the case can occur only between two computers, can also involve dozens, hundreds or even millions of computers interconnected by a communication network. Computer-computer interconnected in a network of communication called the Network Computer (Computer Network). In the computer network of data exchange takes place in the form of images, text,

Computer Network Topology

Computers interconnected by a network could be just two pieces, but also can be tens, hundreds or even millions. There are several ways to interconnect the computer-computer. How to connect multiple computers to form a computer network called network topology.

Various computer network topologies include:

    a. Topology Tree (Tree Topology)

Or tree topology called hierarchical topology

Friday, October 2, 2015

Definition And Branches of Art

In daily life, you may often say, "Well ... it was wonderful! Art really, yes! "For example, looking at the mountains with roads winding, beach with the water looks blue, flower gardens colorful painting of a famous painter, beautiful decor, the voice of a singer whose melodious, and the movement of dancers flexible. Among keindahaan above, are all called art?

What is Art ?

1. Understanding of

Definition of BIOS and Functions

Ok maybe my friend was Bios Curious what?
The following Definition And Function

What is BIOS ? 

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. Bios is a software program or a low-level interface that serves to control or control hardware installed on the computer.

Bios stored or embedded in ROM (read only memory).
Each motherboard has named Bios, and when the bios is broken then most likely the

Definition of PHP and MySQL

What is PHP ?

Understanding PHP

PHP is a scripting programming language that is most widely used today. PHP is widely used to program dynamic web site, although it was likely used for any other use.

Famous examples of PHP applications are forum (phpBB) and MediaWiki (the software behind Wikipedia). PHP can also be seen as an alternative to ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET Microsoft, Macromedia ColdFusion,

How to Decide boyfriend Girl or Guy

Hello friends ... ..MyKnowledge this time to provide input to help you eliminate the rope love lovers, either by way of fine or coarse manner. You should think again before deciding to breakup with a girlfriend, because you might regret later on. Boyfriend we also might hurt, physical pain, stress, depression, resentment, etc. if we are one way to end it.
Emotional moment, girlfriend made a small

Definition of Hardware

What is Hardware ?

Hardware is devices that are arranged in such a way so as to achieve the desired goal. Hardware can operate when given electric current. Chain of electronics are arranged in such a way only to recognize the power supply voltage, both positive and negative digitally known as 1 and 0.

Hardware only recognize numbers 1 and 0. To interact with the hardware simply by using

Definition of Software

Understanding literally software is software; software; computer program. A standard term in Indonesian software is software. Software is a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine in running the job commuters. Software (software) This is a record for the engine computer to save the command, as well as documents and other records.

In addition, the software also an electronic

What is Linux?

Linux is like UNIX Operating System, which is an independent implementation of the POSIX, including true multitasking, virtual memory,
shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory management, and multiuser.

Linux like UNIX, supports many software ranging from TEX, X Window, GNU C / C ++ to TCP / IP.

Linux is an operating system that is widely distributed for free under the GNU General

Some Terms In Game Online

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On a sunny afternoon, I'll post an article entitled "The various terms in Online Game".
Yaappzz for gamers, this term may

How to Make Folder Can not Get Deleted

Now I will post How to Create Folder Can not Remove. Making the folder that can not be deleted can to overcome the virus autorun.inf the same method as SmadAV so autorun.inf no longer be forged with fake alias autorun.inf virus.

Well for Creating Folders can not be deleted easily, this time not to use the software, but by using the command prompt.

Step by Step create a folder could not be

How to Seduce or Gain Women

Want to have a girlfriend or reply PRETTY PERFECT of "UP DOWN until" ??

ok immediately wrote Tips & trick:

Steps by Step to Seduce or Gain Woman :

* Try to start talks with him, speak with confidence, but do not try to cool, smart ass, smartass or jaim, commonly wrote first.

* Perhaps you false confidence early but he will respond to you naturally.

* Practice beforehand with another girl.

How to Shutdown Computer Other People With LAN Network

fad is an easy job in my opinion, although sometimes make people upset with what we do well what can make when it kicks we like already entered and have fun here I input the article how to bully people by turning off the computer with the sudden use comand prompt ( cmd)

 Work on the Intruder (Shutdown)

 Being an intruder is fun. But everything would be annoying when we are in the

How to Move Cursor or Pointer Without Mouse

Your mouse suddenly dies or is damaged, want to buy the mouse does not have money or do not have time. Now would be a good idea to try the following tips are moving the mouse to the keyboard, these tips are very suitable in the development of emergency keaddan if your mouse suddenly broken.

ok just follow me:

Press ALT (left) + Shift (left) + NumLock simultaneously. This will

How Fast Removing Dizzy or Headache

You experience dizziness or headaches? Well, in this post will beritamandiri little about how this rapidly relieve a headache without taking drugs ,,, logH can qo? Well this is the method that I did when I was dizzy. Little or much, almost everyone has experienced headaches, because we do not take it lightly when we know that headaches can also be dangerous.

Broadly speaking, dizziness can be

Knowing And Overcoming The Slow Computer or PC

for this time I share for friends How to overcome a slow computer or slow definitely friends all have experienced this slow computer slow and annoying ...........

Here are 10 causes of slow computers and how to overcome them.

1. The computer is slow because of lack Memor
Slow computer problems because of the lack of RAM installed is of generally known by all computer users. For that try to

How to View or Check IP Address Computers

Maybe some of my friends do not know this (I know Her computer's own IP address). It is very easy.

Step By Step Ways of Viewing the IP Address Computer :

1. Open Command Prompt. Click Run and type CMD or can also type in the Command Prompt.

2. After CMD or Command Prompt opens, type ipconfig

3. And your IP address will appear as shown below.

Simple little trick of my hope to help my friend.

How to display the menu Run On Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Have you ever thought like this: why in windows 7 or vista no menu run? or How menu displays run in windows 7 or vista how? hehe I also never faced a problem like this before when you first move from Windows XP to Seven (7) turns on this OS, run the menu is not displayed directly.
Whether in sembunyiin or something, I do not understand about it. clear menu run on windows seven / vista not in

How To Handle "Consider Replacing Your Battery" In Windows 7

For users of laptops or PC Computer with the operating system Windows 7, sooner or later you will surely get a notification "Consider replacing your battery" is accompanied by the appearance of a red cross on the battery icon in the system tray. Notification that appears when Windows 7 "assume" it's time your laptop battery replaced.

Note that this notification appears when Windows 7 detects

Speed up Windows XP Installation Trick

Install windows xp is indeed a long time about 30-45 minutes depending on the PC, but installing windows xp can be accelerated so that less 10 minutes of installing xp in the usual manner.

Well please refer to the following way;

Booting the CD as usual and wait for the copying and formatting DOS mode to complete, the computer will restart and will continue to install the GUI mode


Computer or PC Solutions Could Not Shutdown

For those of you who have a problem when shutting down the computer and immediately restart AKA does not want to die, here there is one of my experiences that might be useful for those of you who experienced similar things.

Computers that when in shutdown instead be restarted actually not restart unusual, especially for users of Windows XP OS. This problem is actually caused by his error of your

How to Speed ​​up Booting Windows XP on Computer

Often we feel irritated or lazy when first loading on our computer is very slow, even sometimes menununggu first loading until a few minutes. It was greatly hindered the work will be completed. Although the computer specifications we've been good but sometimes bootingnya also very slow. But some advanced computer users can easily change the first boot windowsnya system quickly. For those of you

How to Turn Off or Disable Autorun

Hey buddy, this time I will try to review the tricks how How to turn off Autorun on Windows XP and Windows 7. Why why need to turn off the AutoRun function in Windows because today many different kinds of malware and other viruses that spread through flasdisk. If the autorun function on a clean computer is enabled so if there is a flash bervirus connected computers will be come infected.


How to Speed ​​Up Booting Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best operating system owned by Microsoft today. But many complain about booting windows 7 is too long at start up. To overcome these mater, will discuss how to speed up booting windows 7 how to disable the screen spalsh,

Windows 7 logo splash screen is the display windows that appear when you first turn on the computer. The emergence of the windows logo and the words "

Benefits and Drawbacks of Windows 8

Some time ago, Microsoft has released their latest operating system, namely Windows 8. Of course the presence of Windows 8 was warmly welcomed by lovers of the windows, which have long waiting. Microsoft's operating system comes in three different versions, namely Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 RT.
Even for a promotional event, Microsoft had to pick a beautiful singer Lenka as their

Harmful bacteria

Bacteria destroyer food

Some species of decomposers grow in food.
They change the metabolism of foods and issued in the form toxins (poisons).
The toxins harmful to human health.


Clostridium botulinum, produces toxins botulinin, often found in canned foods
Pseudomonas cocovenenans, generating Bongkrek acid, found in soybean Bongkrek
Leuconostoc mesenteroides, cause food mucus